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Curriculum Vitae English

I am organist with a degree in Organ and organistic composition with prof. Lorenzo Signorini and in Piano with prof. Matilde Rosa Molinari at the music conservatory “Arrigo Pedrollo” in Vicenza.

I attended courses of specialization in Italy, Switzerland and in Germany held by teachers Peter Westerbrink, Lionel Rogg, Francesco Finotti, Giancarlo Parodi, Cristhope Mantoux and Ullrich Bohme.

In 1996 I took part in the III° international organistic competition in Tokyo.

In 1998 I held a concert on the big organ at the Victoria Hall in Geneva with the guidance of prof. Cristophe Mantoux.

In 1999 I won II° prize at the international organistic competition “Vegezzi Bossi” held in Cremolino (Alessandria) in Italy.


In 2003 I recorded a compact disc for Rainbow Classics on the new mechanical organ “Zanin” built in 2002 in the new Church of San Vincenzo Thiene (VI) Italy.

In 2004 I recorded a CD on the organ “Callido” (Venetian organ school XIX century) in the Church of Canale d’Agordo (BL) Italy. In 2005 I won III° prize at the X° national organistic competition “City of Viterbo" Italy.

In 2008 I won III° prize in the XVI° international organistic interpretation "City of Ovada" and I recorded Carl Piutti's works. At the moment I teach and work playing the organ as a solist and accompanist in collaboration with various choirs in the province of Vicenza.

In 2009 I recorded Mozart's music CD on the organ "Zanin" in the Church of San Vincenzo in Thiene (Vicenza), Italy.

In 2010 I recorded J.S.Bach's music CD on the organ "Zanin" in the Church of San Vincenzo in Thiene (Vicenza) Italy.